A feedback based personal review: why? (part1)

photo: Choice, past, by Ilias Bartolini

At the turn of this last new year I spent few days in my hometown with my family and closest friends in Italy.
During those days while reading some of my daily blog updates I stumbled upon Aimee Daniells’ 2011 retrospective so I also started writing some random personal notes on a mind map to start a personal review.
Some people call this just a set of “new year resolutions”. But I found many other positive factors that made its result very effective!

The uncontrollable Network

“The ultimate proof of our understanding of natural or technological systems is reflected in our ability to control them. Although control theory offers mathematical tools for steering engineered and natural systems towards a desired state, a framework to control complex self-organized systems is lacking”

These are the first words of a recent article “Controllability of complex networks” published on Nature by Yang-Yu Liu, Jean-Jacques Slotine & Albert-Laszlo Barabasi.

photo: Entanglement, by Ilias Bartolini

A plea for Openness in knowledge and information revolution

About 12 month ago I moved to London. During this experience I’ve met lot of new people and I’ve been in touch with many new ideas and many new perspectives.
One of those interesting contacts has been with the School of Open at Mozilla Foundation Conference that inspired in asking myself: “What does Open mean?” in a broader sense.
I decided drop here what I humbly learned in this long journey started 10 years ago when I joined the communities of Free Software.

Mug's Life

Some weeks ago a close friend gifted me with a new MUG.

Since few year ago I started randomly collecting mugs and I ended up having quite a lot of them.

RaccattaRAEE !

Oggi ho lasciato uno dei miei vecchi PC in buone mani…

Nei scorsi mesi ho scoperto un’iniziativa che ha sede nei dintorni di Bologna che merita un po’ di pubblicità.

Si chiama RaccattaRAEE dove l’acronimo RAEE significa:

  • Rifiuti
  • Apparecchiature
  • Elettriche
  • Elettroniche