A feedback based personal review: us! (part4)

In the part 1 and 2 of this series I explained “why” and “how” you should do a personal review.

In part 3 I said that this review is for you and to reflect on yourself!
…honestly, is not completely true: is also for the people around us :)

Choices, present - Ilias Bartolini

One important lesson that I learned is to share some of the results of this review with some of the people around me.
If you start with the mindset that part of your review should be shared you may feel a bit uncomfortable and constraining your train of thoughts. But definitely sharing it is of great value.

Most of our goals and actions are possible only with the help of our friends and our peers: “us”

Do you remember the part 1 advices about feedback?

Sharing my review and expectations with the people around me created a great amount of new invaluable feedback!

I dismissed actions that were wrong, I received new ideas on new possible ways to solve a problem or getting near to a goal.
A new wider feedback loop started to strengthen : some of my expectations changed thanks to the feedback received.

In less than 1 month many small goals started happening thanks to my friends and my colleagues.
Something that initially I thought was very difficult to achieve became very easy with the support of a friend.
In another very particular situation something that I couldn’t even imagine happened because the person I spoke with was aware of my expectations.

Do you feel uncomfortable to share some of your expectations with your friend? Try to reconsider and ask yourself if is totally correct or right what you are trying to achieve.
Sometimes is also true that not everyone is ready to hear about your review. You cannot expect to receive a good feedback talking with a stranger you met in the street. Choose the people you want to speak to with attention, set a safe environment and context and always be honest with them!

Do you feel uncomfortable to have a difficult conversation with people around you on violated expectations or bad behaviour?
Again I’ve been very grateful for having red recently the book Crucial Confrontations by Patterson-Grenny-McMillan-Switzler where I found invaluable advices to help solving complex situations.

“Change will never happen fully until people know how to talk to one another”

Overall this has been a very positive experience that now other people around me are starting. And now is becoming equally fulfilling being on the other side helping some of my peers in finding some of the answers and feedback they need!

Are you happy that I shared this experience?
I would have not written this blog post if in my review actions there wasn’t “write a blog post about this review” and “find some peer pressure to write more”.
So thanks to my awesome colleague Andrew Maddison for being my official blog peer reviewer and putting some positive pressure :)

Last but not least rule of good feedback: don’t forget to say THANK YOU to the people around you!

…do you have any feedback? comments are welcome!